Multi award winning artist, Russ McIntosh, has spent over 15 years developing and honing his unique style of digital photography. In the past two years, he has emerged as a hard working and diligent artist. Going from relative obscurity to being featured in magazines and news outlets, his work has graced galleries prominently throughout the east coast as well as select exhibitions in the continental United States, including California and Louisiana. Russ also works hard at helping other emerging artists with his blog, as well as offering tips and advice to those artists just beginning to showcase their work.

Have you ever stared at a cloud and saw shapes and images in them? The essence of my art is for the viewer to look deep within my images to find something much more than what they originally saw upon the initial view of the pieces. The images I have created have many layers in them, and though at first glance the main composition does register with them, it is upon further reflection that the viewer can see "hidden images" that were originally unnoticeable.

The approach I take with my artwork is very distinct, in that I incorporate numerous photographs into a very unique composition. Utilizing anywhere from six to two dozen images or more, I build a piece up. At times when layering the images, other images can be noticed, and I will adjust the highlights and shadows adding some digital paint to make the piece more cohesive. With a vivid imagination I try to present the essence of staring at clouds within my own artwork. If you look at the shadow shapes and highlights within the image, other objects will start to take focus.


2012 - Juror's Honorable Mention AwardIt's a Wonderful World? Juried Exhibtion
2012 - Juror's Honorable Mention AwardImpressions Juried Exhibtion
2012 - Curator Honorable Mention AwardAltered State Juried Exhibtion
2011 - 1st PlaceDying To Get In Juried Exhibtion
2011 - 3rd PlaceHOT National Juried Exhibition 

2012 - Art Extravaganza Arlington Arts Gallery, Arlington, VA
2012 - Canvas: The Artist Showcase Canvas Publications, Washington, DC

2012 - The Center for Green Urbanism, Washington, DC
   DOUBLE TAKE: The Surreal art of Russ McIntosh
2012 - Rendezvous/Jewelbox Theater, Seattle, WA
   An Evening of Photographers
2012 - Arlington Arts Gallery, Arlington, VA
   Vietnamese Benefit Art Show
2012 - Arts/Harmony Hall Regional Center, Ft. Washington, DC
2012 - The Open Hearth Foundation Center, Washington, DC
   Elements and Elementals
2012 - BAP, Salem, OR
   The Billboard Art Project
2012 - Arlington Arts Gallery, Arlington, VA
   Embracing Art
2012 - Artomatic, Crystal City, VA
   Artomatic 2012
2012 - ArtSpace, Herndon, VA
   Fine Art Photography Competition
2012 - Capitol Hill Art League, Washington, DC
   It's a Wonderful World?
2012 - Hill Center, Washington, DC
   Slideluck Potshow Washington, DC VII
2012 - Highpoint Gallery, Richmond, VA
   The Billboard Art Project
2012 - Electric Maid, Takoma Park, MD
   Amped: Art Turned On By Music
2012 - Flashpoint, Washington, DC
   Adventure Residency Art Show
2012 - ArtSpace, Falls Church, VA
2012 - Arlington Arts Gallery, Arlington, VA
   Spring Art Show
2012 - Cafe Asia, Washington, DC
   RAW: DC Presents "Stimulus"
2012 - CAT Gallery, Rockville, MD
   Virtually Digital VI
2012 - The Art Gallery, Grand Junction, CO
   4x6 Exhibit
2012 - ArtSpace, Falls Church, VA
2012 - PoconoArts, Stroudsburg, PA
   Altered State
2012 - Montpelier Arts Center, Laurel, MD
   Montpelier Arts Show
2011 - Arlington Arts Gallery, Arlington, VA
   The Gift of Art
2011 - ArtSpace, Falls Church, VA
2011 - Various, Reading, PA, New Orleans, LA,
   Baton Rouge, LA, San Bernadino, CA
   The Billboard Art Project
2011 - Springfield Art Guild, Springfield, VA
   Dying To Get In
2011 - Tubman-Mahan Art Gallery, Washington, DC
   ReCreate: H2O
2011 - Del Ray Artisans, Alexandria, VA
   Get Sparked!
2011 - Arlington Arts Gallery, Arlington, VA
   Fall for Art
2011 - The Creative Center, New York, NY
   Got Art?
2011 - Capitol Skyline Hotel, Washington, DC
   (e)merge Art Fair
2011 - Capitol Arts Network, Bethesda, MD
   HOT National Juried Exhibition
2011 - Byte Gallery, Lexington, KY
   Summer 2011 International Exhibition
2011 - Therese A. Maloney Art Gallery, Morristown, NJ
   Water, Water Anywhere
2011 - Rawls Museum Arts, Courtland, VA
   Rawls Museum Arts 2011 Juried Exhibition
2011 - Rochester Contemporary Art Center, Rochester, NY
   6x6x2011: Global
2011 - The Soundry, Vienna, VA
2011 - Tubman-Mahan Art Gallery, Washington, DC
   Mama Earth
2011 - Reagan National Airport, Washington, DC
   Artomatic Takes Flight
2011 - The Lederer Gallery of SUNY Geneseo, Geneseo, NY
   Art Blizzard
2009 - Marriott Hunt Valley Inn, Baltimore, MD

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2008 - Logo Design, Spy in the House of Fitzwalter; Phoenix Tree Press
2005 - Interior Art, The Eddifox Origins; Trafford Publishing
2001 - Cover Art, Icarian Dreams; Labyrinth Entertainment

2012 - Private Collection, "Vigorous Verve"
2012 - Private Collection, "Twist of Cain"
2012 - Private Collection, "contemplation"
2011 - Private Collection, "Altitude Attitude"
2010 - Private Collection, "Amore Adumbration"
2008 - Private Collection, "EarthBattle" and "WaterBattle"
2008 - Commissioned for album cover, "JesusHell"
2007 - Commissioned by Phoenix Tree Press, "Phoenix Tree Logo"
2005 - Private Collection, "Maternal Love-Heavenly Love"
2005 - Private Collection, "flutterEyes"
2005 - Commissioned by Trafford Publishing, "Eddifox Hero" and "Raven"
2005 - Commissioned for album cover, "The Wave"
2004 - Commissioned for album cover, "staticVoid"
2003 - Commissioned for album cover, "depth"
2001 - Commissioned by Labyrinth Entertainment, "Icarian Dreams"

Member - Falls Church Arts
Member - Arlington Artists Alliance
Member - Washington Project for the Arts
Member - Greater Reston Arts Center
Member - Pyramid Atlantic

Russ McIntosh
9206 Dellwood Dr, SW
Vienna VA 22180

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