Monday, January 24, 2011

Follow Ups

This is a listing for myself of places to follow up with, that I have previously sent an inquiry to.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Daily Inspiration Feature!

I was just featured on yet another website! Things are looking up!!

Today it's time to show you the work of Russ McIntosh.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

TrendHunter Posting

As I was looking over my stats for my website, I noticed that I was getting hits coming from Trendhunter. I followed the link, and sure enough they have posted about my artwork on their site!

Mystic Nighttime Artworks
Russ McIntosh Creates Pieces that are Intensely Surreal

Russ McIntosh is the king of surrealism when it comes to his numerous artworks. His collection ‘Mindscape’ features fantastical, colorful and spacey images, with one of his most recent works being inspired by the film TRON: Legacy.

There are more to the pictures than meets the eye! Russ McIntosh often hides things in his works, so you’ll have to look closely to truly grasp the meaning of each image.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Abduzeedo Feature

I just got featured on Abduzeedo's "Daily Inspiration" listing! My recent image "Knock On The Sky" is used in their post.

This post is part of our daily series of posts showing the most inspiring images selected by some of the Abduzeedo's writers and users.

Website Update in Progress

Just a reminder to myself. I need to put up higher res zoom images of my artwork. I noticed that with the newest artwork I posted, it was hard to make out some of the details. So I'm in the process of updating those.

But as well, I need to install a script to not allow right click downloads of the images. This shouldn't be hard to implement.

I've also noticed that one gallery in particular is getting pretty loaded down with images, so I will be creating a new gallery to offset some of them. Not sure how I'm going to divide them up yet though. Maybe a separate Celestial-scape or something.

The final change I want to make is for potential customers to be able to order canvas prints and framed artwork through my site instead of sending them out to ImageKind.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Knock On The Sky

Knock On The Sky

Inspired from the music by the Daft Punks, and a line from Jeff Bridges in the movie, Tron: Legacy which is in fact a Zen quote: Knock on the sky and listen to the sound.

The piece can be purchased either through the my website as a giclee print or as a canvas reproduction at

Water, Water Anywhere

Therese A. Maloney Art Gallery

I just submitted five pieces for the Water, Water Anywhere exhibit.

The five pieces include: Water Sprite, WaterBattle, The Wave, Winter's Dream, Woman Reclining.

Paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, photographs, mixed media and DVDs which show aspects of water in our lives and on our planet are sought for a Summer 2011 exhibition that reveals H2O as a solid, liquid or gas. Exceptional images, scenes and approaches are preferred over the usual ideas and vistas. (February 15, 2011 submission deadline)

The Therese A. Maloney Art Gallery is located on the main floor of Annunciation Center on the campus of the College of Saint Elizabeth in Morristown, New Jersey, USA, 35 miles west of New York City. The Gallery was funded by, and is named after, Therese A. Maloney, class of 1951.

Virtual Assistant for Artists

I recently came across this and figured to drop an email to see if I can get some assistance. Not too mention the website has some good links to reference.

Marie Kazalia is an artist, entrepreneur, and “art activist” with a great online presence. She not only creates her own body of work, but has become a resource and advocate for other artists. Her blog “Artist Marketing Resources” contains an enormous amount of great info for artists, (and should be bookmarked). Marie also founded the LinkedIn group “Artist Marketing Resources”, with almost 300 members and lots of active and very helpful discussion. She offers her services as a “Virtual Assistant”. Of course, every artist is their own best advocate, but having someone who knows their way around the internet, art sales, and opportunities is a definite plus.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Artwork List

Since I'm always forgetting the years in which I made my pictures, I figured this would be a good place to list them all.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Artsy Shark

I just submitted to them for possible inclusion.

Are You an Emerging Artist?

Artsy Shark presents the work of emerging artists, including portfolios, artist’s statements, interviews and links to their websites. If you are pursuing a career in art or fine crafts, you are welcome to submit information about yourself and your work.

Submissions for Featured Artists are now OPEN. They will be accepted from December 14, 2010 until January 14, 2011.

To submit your work: Please send written information about yourself and your work to, with a link to your website or online portfolio via email (no attachments please.) Your subject line must say “Featured Artist Submission”. Artists and fine craftspeople are encouraged to submit their work. Due to the many submissions, please be patient for a response. Artists being featured will be asked to send further information for their page.

Professional artists who earn a full-time living from their art are welcome to request a link on Artsy Shark’s Links to Art We Love page.

Thanks to the many readers and supporters of this blog!

Very Motiviating!!

On New Years Eve, I was at the 9:30 Club in DC and was talking to people. I spoke to this one couple, and handed them my card. I hand my card out to so many people and they never take the effort to look at my artwork, so this message came as quite a surprise!

On Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 12:15 PM, DC wrote:
You handed me your card outside 9:30 club new year's eve. We said we would look; so here i am. As soon as i reconfirm my paypal accout i will come back and purchase something. If Dali is part of your inspiration, than follow his lead and never doubt yourself in public. Your statement to your friend that "they will not look," after having taken the hard step of offering us your card, may be what i remember most about you. Good luck and remember; the vast majority of the public looks down their misused and decaying noses' at artists, so for your own peace of mind and artistic indentity be like Dali be like Basquiat, say "fuck the bourgeoisie" and do what an artist does - stand up for your art and make no apologies in doing so.
as always
don c

My artwork is now up at! And the cool thing is if you just do a search for "surreal" my artwork pops up on the main page!


Just found this website. It has some interesting art news on there, as well as the opportunity for artist's to be recognized. So I uploaded several pieces, in hopes that I can be a featured artist.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Art Carnage Rejection

On Mon, Jan 3, 2011 at 12:41 PM,
Good afternoon, recently I submitted my application for the Art Carnage. I know the holidays can be a bit hectic, but I just wanted to follow up, as the automated response stated that it would be 2-5 days. I used the form found on the website and applied that way back on December 7th. I am a Vienna resident and would love to be a part of this on January 29th.
Just in case you have trouble locating my submission form, my website is
I look forward to hearing back from you on whether I have been accepted to be a vendor or not.
-Russ McIntosh

On Mon, Jan 3, 2011 at 2:04 PM, Soundry Information
Hi Russ,

Thank you for checking back and being so forgiving about the holidays. It does tend to get a bit hectic! I do have vendors I need to get back to (and you are one of them) now that I have notes back from the jury panel. I apologize for it taking so long.

Unfortunately, you were not approved as a vendor because we are nolonger taking any photography/fine art. Since we are an indie craft market we are trying to stick within that niche. The decision certainly does not reflect on the quality of your work and I hope you will still stop by the event and say "hi":)

Thanks again for considering Art Carnage!

The Soundry, LLC
316 Dominion Rd.,NE
Vienna, VA 22180

Art On Paper at Maryland Federation of Art

34th Annual Art On Paper
March 18 - April 17, 2011

A National Open-Juried Exhibition
Juror: Johanna Halford–Macleod, Executive Director of the Franz and Virginia Bader Fund and Editor In Chief of The Phillips Collection.

Mixed media exhibit, any original two or three dimensional work on or of paper will be considered. The works selected will be on exhibit in the MFA's Circle Gallery.

Find out more about this exhibit here. Enter your submissions on-line here.

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