Friday, July 8, 2011

But is it Art? Art Fair

I'm "borrowing" this write up from Daily Campello.

The WCP's Kriston Capps has a very interesting article on a new and fresh concept on a DC satellite art fair to the (e)merge art fair - read it here.
When artists Alex Ventura and Victoria Milko host the But Is It Art? fair from Sept. 22 to Sept. 25, they won’t be putting that question to their artists or audience. They know what they’re doing is art. Their DIY fair is asking a pointed question about another art fair taking place over the same weekend: the inaugural (e)merge art fair.

“We can show as strong a contemporary art show without the development,” Ventura says. “I’m not judging, but it’s sort of a friendly ‘fuck you.’ Contemporary art doesn’t need that setting.”
This is a first heard for me - check out their website here. When Art Basel Miami Beach started in Florida less than a decade ago, it was just them (Art Miami had been around for years, but at a different time). The idea proved so good, that now there are 25 satellite art fairs around the ABMB magnet and even the original art fair (Art Miami) changed their schedule to align with ABMB week in December.
“These people have not contacted us,” Conner says, “but I think it’s fantastic.” She says that (e)merge aims to be inclusive and to broadcast other arts events within the city, including, potentially, But Is It Art? “Casting things as mainstream versus alternative—I’m not sure those are the right terms. If like the Armory, if like Art Basel, if what (e)merge is doing is inspiring others, we’re happy that a satellite is happening.”

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  1. Dear friends,

    If you've expressed interest in the show, thank you.

    We have decided to set a deadline for proposals: August 1, 2011.

    Please tell your friends of the deadline if they haven't yet contacted us. What we're looking for, primarily, is an expression of interest. If we are not already familiar with your work then feel free to reach out and let us know something about it. I have no doubt that people's plans for the show will change as they learn more about the space, the people involved, and the project. In fact, that's exactly our intention.

    Details About the Exhibition Space:

    *As of now, the show will take place primarily in the Wonderbox, 79 Hanover Pl NW, (the roll up door at the end of the alley) a 5,000 sq. ft. artist studio and warehouse, and the surrounding sites (TBA). We are building 24 or 25 exhibition walls, 8 feet by 8 feet. Each artist exhibiting 2D and similar work will have his or her own wall.

    *There is a stage in the Wonderbox for performance work. Of course, you can propose site-specific performances or interventions.

    *Once we have a working list of artists who will participate, we will schedule a group site visit.

    *There is a very large enclosed outdoor space, formerly used as a salvage yard, in a neighboring building that could be used as sculpture grounds, or as a very large installation piece for an artist or a collaborative.

    *There are also other sites for site-specific sculpture and installations.

    *We have asked Kelly Towles, who recently moved into 52 O, and our friends at the Freezer, and the radiant spirit Aaron Lim, to put up work for a large, 100 ft. mural.

    Alex Ventura