Tuesday, August 30, 2011


As part of the upcoming art show for the Del Ray Artisans Get Sparked, I have created this newest piece loosely based on a poem by Amy Moffitt. I struggled with it for a little while, as I normally do not do religious compositions, but I think I created a beautiful piece that still encapsulates some of the imagery that inspired me from the poem.

I think the title reflects the over all feel of the piece very well. There are many revelations that can be taken from this piece. Whether it is a philosophical meaning, a religious denotation, or as with most of my pieces the revelation of some hidden images deep within the piece.

This artwork is available in several sizes at a limited quantity for each. So once they are sold out, they won't be made available again. Don't delay in ordering yours.

You can read the poem that inspired the piece HERE.

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