Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Beware Scammers!


I just received a very nice informal request to be a part of an international publicity program! Oh WOW! This is Great!

...not so fast. Read the actual letter I received:
From: Abraham
Date: Tue, Nov 29, 2011 at 11:06 AM
Subject: Russ McIntosh - 'Solace' - NY Arts Publishing - Exhibition

Dear Russ,

I am pleased to inform you of an exciting opportunity to join an international publicity program based in New York City as well as exhibition in Broadway Gallery in SoHo, New York City.

My name is Abraham Lubelski, the publisher of New York Arts Magazine, and owner of The Broadway Gallery in NYC. I would like to invite you to join our publicity program that includes an exhibition in New York City in January 2012. I am interested in your work "Solace" and I believe it would be an important addition to our program. By paying close attention to the intuitive works of each artist, we are hoping to construct an exhibition of works that truly speaks to our viewers and subscribers.

With this program you will get one year of publicity, full page in NY Arts Magazine (sold worldwide in major bookstores), an exhibition in the heart of NYC, in Broadway Gallery, a spread in Art Fair International Newsletter along with a year subscription, for a cost of $1,900. This is a media driven event and offers both emerging and established artists the broadest media coverage possible. You can read more here:NY Arts (Spring 2012) and January Exhibition.

Abraham Lubelski
NY Arts Magazine
473 Broadway, 7th floor, NY, NY 10013 | 212-274-8993

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Yes, he was nice enough to include the video at the bottom of the email.
Now, I'm all for people taking notice of my artwork. But seriously, I'm literally a starving artist here. How am I to even think of being able to afford almost $2k?!

So I was a little curious, what exactly would I be receiving for all of that money I would be forking out? And I sent him the following reply email:
Date: Tue, Nov 29, 2011 at 3:06 PM
Subject: Russ McIntosh - 'Solace' - NY Arts Publishing - Exhibition

Thank you for taking the time to look at my artwork and contact me Abraham. I'm glad you enjoy "Solace" as it is part of a triptych with two other pieces. Recently the entire series received first place in a juried exhibition.

I have shown several of my pieces in the New York City area, and have even garnered some press in several publications. In the past year my artwork has appeared as far West as California and New Mexico, to Louisiana and Miami in the South.

My concern is the cost of $1,900. You mention a full page ad in your own magazine. Which I have managed to do on my own, for larger publications that have a broader distribution, at next to no cost for me. You mention gallery space at an exhibition for one of my pieces of artwork. Though I have never had to pay more than a small minimum entrance/application fee for numerous pieces of my artwork to be juried into a show. I am affiliated with several art organizations and guilds and receive newsletters from countless sources, which quite often has listings of my artwork on display at select galleries throughout the country.

I'm curious, what exactly does the $1,900 (per artist) cover if all the items you've listed can be obtained my most any artist for next to no cost to them.

I look forward to hearing back from you Abraham.

-Russ McIntosh

I had looked around his various websites affiliated with him and something wasn't smelling quite right. So I went to the good ole Google search and find out he has been doing these and various other scams since the mid 90's.

Here are quite a few tidbits I found where he has contacted other artists:

A marketing associate from the company contacted Casey Shannon back in 2009.
Cris Melo was contacted back in 2008, and they spelled his name wrong LOL.
Helen Ansell was contacted in 2009 as well.
Many people have spoken about the shady practice on the forum Wet Canvas from 2005-2009.
And Robert Coane has spoken extensively about this organization as well as other "vanity" galleries to watch out for.

Be careful, and do your research!


  1. This site and many like it are simply desperate to generate their own traffic and make business for your selves. If you want a career in policing and investigating you should do exactly that. You should research and even contact the business referred to make sure these are legitimate complaints. We are transparent and provide you all the contact information necessary so we are not hiding anything. Our fees and services are clearly stated. These site and postings are simply a form of therapy for frustrated and disgruntled individuals.

    We intend to update your site with the daily positive feedback we get or you can see it on http://www.nyartsmagazine.com/thanks/acknowledgements-and-thank-you-letters

  2. Dear NY Arts

    I received the 20 copies of the limited edition cover version and I am more than happy! You made me very proud.

    It looks wonderful. Thank you so much again!

    -- Marcel Bastiaans

    To read more about our satisfied clients please visit:


  3. Dear NY Arts

    I love to create particular works that speak about specific concepts.

    I hope we can have a great cooperation!

    Have a great night

    -- G.G

  4. Global Projects at Broadway Gallery is an artist-minded initiative and way for artists across the globe to gain exposure in a New York art market. Broadway Gallery seeks to give passionate art makers the opportunity not only to display their fine work in a SoHo gallery but also to appear in the pages of NY Arts, a contemporary visual arts magazine that has been in circulation for over fifteen years. Despite what you may have gathered from the internet, there is no doubt that we are an artist-minded gallery, meaning that the artists as our clients are our number one priority. We at Broadway Gallery hope to provide a leg up for those who desire for their name and work to be seen by the New York and global market.

  5. Dear NY Arts

    Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate your opinions on my work.

    My best regards

    -- R.S.

    See what other people have to say about us:


  6. The facts are that NY Arts & Broadway Gallery are legit entities. We have and continue to work with artists at all levels worldwide. Here is one of our latest satisfied clients.

    Dear NY Arts

    Thanks for forwarding all the links. You had a great opening last night at Broadway Gallery.

    I am looking forward to hearing about future projects we can work on together.

    -- R.Q.