Monday, March 26, 2012

Musicians Wanted!

If you are a DMV musician or band, I want to create your album art!
Rock, Gospel, Country, R&B/Hip Hop.
Go to to see samples of my work.

Whether you are a singer/songwriter or a full fledged band, I want to work with you. Send me a link to your song. If it moves me I will create a work of art for you!

Once I finish at least 12 pieces, I will showcase my art and your music with a commemorative cd and a showing of the art at a local DMV gallery.

Terms and Conditions
By clicking the email submission, you agree to allow Russ McIntosh (the artist) the right to produce an original artwork based on your song. You will retain the rights to your song, only allowing the artist one time reproduction of the song to be included on the commemorative CD and for any marketing and promotion of the artwork. The artist, Russ McIntosh, will allow you to use his original artwork based on your song for promotion and album reproduction.

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