Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I recently created six new pieces that all have the basic feel to them. I wanted a "lighter" series of images, as most of my pieces have a darkness to them. (I mostly work with space images, so it's kind of a given.) Anyways the series started with "Origins of Essence" where I was working with inverted space images and several geometric shapes. It felt good to work in a different style, and so I came up with some thumbnail ideas utilizing other shapes, and maintaining a certain color scheme to the over all pieces. I think the series came out quite nicely. I am offering them in several sizes at a limited quantity. So once they are sold out, they won't be made available again.

Click below to view them all...


  1. Gorgeous works Russ! I just saw your email newsletter, always an inspiration!

  2. i love it and i added a link to your blog to my site ehehehehe you rock russ

  3. Thanks gang, I was unsure how people would react to the new series. Very encouraging!