Monday, June 6, 2011

Announcing Spectrum Fantastic Art Live!

Anyone who visits either the Spectrum or Muddy Colors websites knows that we've been diligently planning an event we're calling A Fantastic Art Convergence.

It's time to make it official.

Scheduled for May 18-20, 2012 in Kansas City, Missouri, our intent is to create a venue in which the artists take center stage and don't have to compete for space or attention with movie companies, actors, and former centerfolds. This is a show about the Art and about the Artists! Spectrum Fantastic Art Live! will be a weekend festival during which exhibiting artists can sell their work to attendees and where creators can socialize, network, and self-promote. There will be educational opportunities (including workshops, panels, and demonstrations) as well as the chance to meet and interact with art directors from a variety of industries.

We'll also, at long last, be able to present the awards for Spectrum 19 live in front of peers and an appreciative audience at a ceremony Saturday night. Our goal is to grow the public's appreciation for the art and the artists while simultaneously trying to grow the market for fantastic art in all its mediums and incarnations – and to do so without it costing anyone an arm and a leg. The price of exhibiting in a first-class venue is modest, attending the show will be inexpensive, staying and eating will be reasonable, particularly when compared to other shows and conventions.

We'll have special guests of the show (Brom, Phil Hale, Andrew Jones, Iain McCaig, and Mike Mignola) as a reflection of the diversity that Spectrum has always embraced. But each exhibiting artist, each artist in attendance, is equally important: we may be organizing it, we may be signing the contracts for the space and the decorators and security, but this most definitely is YOUR show.

We're in the process of sending out the mailer with initial information about reserving space, but we're giving everyone on the Spectrum mailing list the head-up first. We will be advertising this heavily in the months ahead. We've already received a number of inquiries and with only 200 booths we're pretty sure we'll fill up fast. Join us! Help us make this inaugural event truly memorable.

We've also launched a website ( that will continually update with information about the show, how to purchase memberships, hotel information, special events, etc. General inquiries about the show may be emailed to And, yes, for the latest information you can also follow us (and friend us) on Facebook:

We're a year out – and a year goes by fast. We hope you'll agree with us that the Fantastic Art Community deserves its own venue, its own home. We hope you feel the same way we do:

It's time.

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