Thursday, June 2, 2011

Reviews and Quotes

"Surreal images and collages of photos and digital work are the hallmark of Russ McIntosh's style. His imagination takes over in embedding images within images."
- Artsy Shark Featured Artist

"It is eye catchingly creative and fun to view --- expressed imagination."
- Andy Smith, Photographer

"You definitely have a unique style that I think a lot of our customers would appreciate and enjoy."
- Corey Woods, Co-Owner of TAG Galleries

"There can be many interpretations to art. It is infinitive as everyone has their own perspectives, theories and ideas on what they observe. From this, Russ captures your attention with every new creation created that is filled with surrealism.

Time, dreams, the paranormal, the human psyche, the universe, alternate dimensions, mythological creatures (fairies), all themes that can be found in McIntosh's works made of great realism and visual contrast of which invites the observer to reflect and generate all kinds of questions and perhaps answers."
- El Poder

"Russ McIntosh Creates Pieces that are Intensely Surreal

Russ McIntosh is the king of surrealism when it comes to his numerous artworks. His collection ‘Mindscape’ features fantastical, colorful and spacey images.

There are more to the pictures than meets the eye! Russ McIntosh often hides things in his works, so you’ll have to look closely to truly grasp the meaning of each image."

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