Monday, August 27, 2012

13 Truths About Marketing Your Art

As a new feature to the blog, I will be posting great advice I have found from the internet. Let's begin with some great marketing guidance from ArtBizBlog.

1. No one can promote your art more effectively than you. No one knows it better than you and no one cares about your success more than you.

2. If you don’t believe it can happen, it won’t.

3. You have 24 hours in a day – same as everyone else on the planet, including World leaders, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, and other artists. How you choose to use your precious time is up to you.

4. You need to learn to work smarter, not harder. Get help. Get organized. Establish trusted systems to help your business run smoothly.

5. Planning your day ahead of time will increase your productivity exponentially.

6. Planning your year will rock your world.

7. I share rules all the time, but the truth is that there are no rules. There used to be rules. But the rules for selling your art are changing every day. Make it up!

8. The more people you meet, the more people there are to buy your art. Ergo, get out there meet more people. The people you know are the most valuable asset for your success.

9. You can’t do it alone. No one has ever achieved a high level of success on their own. You need support systems to prop you up and keep you going.

10. Seeing art online is not the same as experiencing it in person.

11. If people don’t see your art, they won’t buy it. Get your art out of the studio and in front of potential buyers!

12. You can’t do it all. Learn to say “No, that’s not for me.” You have to prioritize.

13. Follow-through is everything. You can have the best art, the best ideas, and the best intentions in the world, but none of it matters if they remain incomplete.

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