Monday, November 5, 2012

The Wild Kat Show

I will be appearing on the Wild Kat radio show on November 8th between 7pm and 8pm! If you've ever tuned in before, this should be a fun time!

You can tune in by going to the website and clicking on "Listen Now". You can also download the app TuneIn (, and select the station "The Flow" to listen on your phones. And of course join the Facebook group page  and follow on Twitter @thewildkatshow!

The Wild Kat Show is committed to creating a platform for artists, musicians, social entrepreneurs, small businesses and the unsung heroes who have been overlooked by the mainstream media, yet are worthy of an audience. It is our goal to allow these talented individuals to present themselves through an accessible medium in a fun yet education manner. Not only does our show help to bring public recognition to these individuals, it brings to the public eye quality art, fashion and entertainment sources, as well as new business ventures, social justice issues, non-profit organizations and cause related entities.

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