Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Artsy Shark

I just submitted to them for possible inclusion.

Are You an Emerging Artist?

Artsy Shark presents the work of emerging artists, including portfolios, artist’s statements, interviews and links to their websites. If you are pursuing a career in art or fine crafts, you are welcome to submit information about yourself and your work.

Submissions for Featured Artists are now OPEN. They will be accepted from December 14, 2010 until January 14, 2011.

To submit your work: Please send written information about yourself and your work to carolyn@artsyshark.com, with a link to your website or online portfolio via email (no attachments please.) Your subject line must say “Featured Artist Submission”. Artists and fine craftspeople are encouraged to submit their work. Due to the many submissions, please be patient for a response. Artists being featured will be asked to send further information for their page.

Professional artists who earn a full-time living from their art are welcome to request a link on Artsy Shark’s Links to Art We Love page.

Thanks to the many readers and supporters of this blog!

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  1. Dear Russ,

    Thank you so much for your submission to be a featured artist on Artsy Shark. I have reviewed your website and am happy to accept you!

    Right now there are between 25-30 other artists who are also accepted, so your page will be published most likely in March. However, I am still waiting to hear from a number of artists, so getting information back to me asap may move up publication of your page.

    Since you submitted some info with your email, I can use that as your text if you prefer, or you can add or change it. Otherwise, please submit a bio/artist statement (about 600 words is ideal) or answer the following questions:

    What are your goals?
    What are you working on now?
    What inspires you?

    I can upload images from your site to use as your portfolio. Thanks again for contacting me with your submission, and I look forwad to hearing from you.