Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Artists Wanted : The Power of Self - An International Call for Self-Portraiture

The Power of Self
Show Yourself / Change Your Life

You are invited to participate in an international art competition celebrating the power of self-portraiture. Your story, told through images, is the most powerful story ever told.

Your Early Entry Deadline is This Sunday March 13th 11:59pm

Click here to submit your work and have a chance to win:

One Year of Your Life Paid For
Imagine taking a year off to focus on your art, spending a year traveling the world, or rewriting your story in a way only you can dream of.

World Wide Acclaim
Our previous honored artists have become international sensations.

The Story
The self-portrait has been a powerful and studied medium since we first saw our reflection. From Vincent van Gogh to Diane Arbus, the self has been the subject of most all the art worldʼs greats. The self-portrait transcends medium, style and period, existing in the vast space between fantasy and reality. Photography, painting, sculpture, multi- media and all other forms of art have been employed to create stunning works that are both personal and prophetic.

This competition is about your story, your image and the power you hold. This is your chance to share yourself on a grand scale for a grand prize. This is the Power of Self.

By entering this competition, you will be submitting your story and images to the world, getting feedback, recognition and the chance at life changing awards.

The Power of Self is a yearly competition hosted by Artists Wanted. Our last Grand Prize Award winner was Cheng-Chang Wu of Nan-Tou, Taiwan. We flew Wu and his work from Taiwan for an art-star Manhattan gallery reception (for pictures click here) and he received international acclaim launching him into shows and press around the world.

Your story is the most compelling one you know, share it with the world with The Power of Self.

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