Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Make your Franklin

This looks like a fun project to contribute to when I get some free time.

Make your Franklin is a community art project.
Make your Franklin is international, bearer of a cultural reflexion.
With this mind, Make your Franklin suggest each of you to re-create a symbol of modern society : the 100$ banknote.

Use the high-res scan we offer, only this one for the graphic uniformity of the project.
Don't forget to maintain the proportions (7300x3000).
There are no rules.
Be inventive, rebuild the banknote.
Graphist, Illustrators, Directors, whoever you are you can participate.
Your work will be shown on the website as soon as we receive a dozen of them.

Don't forget to keep a 7300 x 3000 / 300dpi in case of a print version.

Concerning copyrights, you keep them entirely and simply let Make your Franklin diffuse them on the website. Note that we don't have exclusivity on your works and as a result you can post them elsewhere if you want.

Format : .jpeg / .jpg / .pnj
Max dimensions : 7300x3000
Min dimensions : 1000 x 411
Max weight : 25 Mo
Color mod : RVB
Definition : 72 DPI

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