Monday, March 7, 2011

Couple more call for entries

Therese A. Maloney Art Gallery

I've sent several pieces to this gallery, recently. And I now see other exhibitions I might submit work to as well.

Call for Objects

Submissions for Future Exhibitions
Artists are invited to submit their work for each of the upcoming shows. Guidelines for submission are listed below.

Artists are invited to submit up to 5 JPEGs of relevant work for any of the below exhibitions. Labels for the JPEGS must have your last name and then the title of the work on each JPEG. You must also include with your email submission, an object list [with your name, title of the work, date of the piece, medium, size (h x w x d), weight if over 10 lbs., owner, insurance value/and sale price (which must be the same)]; a one-page resume, and an artist's statement about the works that you have submitted.

Please send this by email to Dr. Ginny Butera at The title of the exhibition to which you are submitting must be in the subject line of your email. All works submitted must be available for the exhibition and must be completely ready for installation (see below). Please put all of your contact info on each document: full name, address, phone numbers, email address and website. Please send questions about submissions to the above email address. Submissions not following these guidelines will not be considered.

Holy Lives
In religions around the world people have been affected by the lives of holy men and women. As a result artists have created portraits, scenes and histories of important religious figures. Please submit objects in any media and format that present a life or an aspect of a holy figure for this Fall 2011 exhibition. (May 15, 2011 submission deadline).

The Abstract Universe: Microcosm/Macrocosm
Often abstract art has been motivated by interior emotion that is externalized as organic gesture or geometric pattern or play. For this Spring 2012 exhibition, objects in all different media are sought to express the merger of scientific theories, events and observations and art, celebrating how abstract art has been inspired by astronomy, biology, chemistry, physics and all related fields and sub-specialties. Lectures, music, dance and performance events will be planned as programs related to the exhibition. Submissions for these events are open as well. (May 15, 2011 submission deadline).

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