Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Galadali Information

30" w X 20" h X 1.5" d
Museum Quality Canvas Wrap

I have always had a fascination and admiration for Salvador Dali. This piece is an homage to the surreal artist. Like Dali's classic landscape painting "Metamorphosis of Hitler’s Face into a Moonlit Landscape with Accompaniment" I have crafted this artwork in much the same way. Dali took a cropped photo of Adolf Hitler and rotated it and devised a wonderful landscape painting from it. I have always liked the classic photo of Gala with her arm wrapped around Salvador in a protective manner, and used that as the basis for my artwork. I rotated the image and commenced to making one of my celestial pieces using the contrast of shadows and light in the photo as a guide for the cloud formations. In the final piece you can view many of Dali's trademark symbols throughout the piece. From eyeballs and ants, to the classic melting clocks. There is much more hidden among the clouds, you just have to keep your eyes open and let your mind relax. 
Galadali was awarded the Honorable Mention Award at the Capital Hill Art League's "It's a Wonderful World" Show by F. Lennox Campello.

Salvador Dali
"Metamorphosis of Hitler’s Face
into a Moonlit Landscape with Accompaniment "

This is the image believed to be the one Dali cropped and rotated to create his painting.

Famous image of Gala & Salvador Dali

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