Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Natural Beauty Information

Natural Beauty
16" w X 36" h X 1.5" d
Museum Quality Canvas Wrap

My piece was inspired by an adventure I took as part of an artist's residency program, where at the end of the residency we created a piece of work based on the experience. 

From the very beginning we were treated to a quick tour of the National Portrait Gallery where we saw example's of Manifest Destiny in several classic works. I was absorbed by the grandeur of Albert Bierstadt's "Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California" and knew I had to implement some asthetic of it into my work.

Once we got on the road though, and driving to our unknown destination. I couldn't stop staring out of the windows and viewing the vastness of the stars above. I was mesmorized and knew this would be another integral aspect of my finished piece. 

We finally arrived at our destination where the immensity of the Natural Bridge finally came into scope. My piece was determined to be one of my larger works just in its sheer height. 

The culmination of the adventure came about when we finally saw Frederic Church's "Natural Bridge" and the ideas for my creation began to congeal together. 

My version of the Natural Bridge takes all of the elements mentioned, as well as several ideas and thoughts I had during the trip. 

 Albert Bierstadt
"Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California"

 Frederich Church
"Natural Bridge"

This piece took me almost three weeks to create with over hundred images used, the pathway along the Natural Bridge alone comprised of nearly 100 photographs I used to rid my final piece of all the tourists.

If you look closely you can see many hidden images amongst the shadows and highlights. There are several faces as well, bodies embedded in the piece. There are images hidden in the clouds, in the tree foliage, as well as the leaves in the foreground.

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