Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Art Business News Submission

Here's my submissions for Art Business News magazine, that I spoke of earlier:



Angelic Composition

And here is the letter I drafted:
Good Afternoon Gabriel,

I am including three images for inclusion in Art Business News. I reside in the
Washington DC metropolitan area, and I have been working as a graphic designer for nearly 15 years. Though I enjoy making a living being creative, its my personal work that drives my imagination and fuels my soul.

The approach I take with my artwork is very distinct, in that I incorporate numerous photographs into a very unique composition. I take inspiration for my art from the surrealists. I'm particularly fascinated by Dali's double images in his artwork - how you can look at those pieces and always find something new hidden within them.

When I was a child, I often laid on my back and stared up at the clouds and would see shapes and images floating high above me. Often times, complete scenes would unfold in front of me. With a vivid imagination I try to present the same essence within my own artwork. If you look at the shadow shapes and highlights within the image, other objects will start to take focus.

Thank you for this opportunity to be featured in the magazine, and I look forward to hearing back from you. Below is the details of the images attached.


-Russ McIntosh

9206 Dellwood Dr, SW
Vienna VA 22180


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