Monday, December 20, 2010

(e)merge, a new contemporary art fair in DC

Found this little article online.
There will be multiple platforms. There will be free exhibitions spaces for a number of unrepresented artists that will be vetted by a committee of art professionals. Additionally, there will be approximately 50 galleries who exhibits and support emerging artists and a number of non-profit organizations as well. (e)merge will have a strong cultural component including educational programming with panel discussions, lectures, tours, and all kinds of fun performances and events as well.

(e)merge – Washington, DC – September 22nd to 25th 201

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  1. Dear Russ,

    Thank you for your interest in (e)merge. We will add your contact information to our database and will send you the application (via email) when it becomes available in mid-late January.

    Happy holidays,

    Jamie L. Smith, Ph.D
    Conner Contemporary Art
    1358 Florida Avenue, NE
    Washington, DC 20002