Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ellen Million Graphics FANTASY ART SHOP Submission

A complete source for fantasy art and stationery products: Dragons, Unicorns, Mermaids, Fairies (or Faeries!), Phoenix and other creatures of magic and wonder on Stationery, Cards, Bookmarks, Prints, Coloring Books, Mousepads, Stickers, T-shirts, Purses, Magnets, and much more.

You may contact me by email at I generally have a bit of a backlog to get through - I am one person answering ALL email, so the plus is that you get a personal, actual response, and the minus is that is sometimes takes more than 24 hours to hear from me. I take weekends off to keep my sanity. I have a spam filter, and recommend using the form below to avoid it - or at least to put something relevant and personal in the subject line; Hi Ellen doesn't always cut it - spammers like to use those tricks, too... try 'I'm an artist and have a question' or 'Coloring book order from EMG' as good ways to get my attention.

I just submitted an inquiry to this site. It was referred to me from a fantasy artist. I do have numerous fantasy related images that I think would work well with their format.

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