Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Call for Entry Direct Art

Just sent in my submission for this.

Direct Art was founded in 1996 and has emerged in the last decade as a leading alternative fine art magazine. Direct Art’s mission is to display the work of the finest, most interesting and talented artists from around the globe. Each issue is packed with new artists. Selected annually from an international talent search, the work of these artists makes Direct Art unique and unlike any other art magazine. Because if its uniqueness, Direct Art appeals to a wide audience. Artists, collectors, gallery owners and ordinary folks who love pictures are all lured to the colorful creativity of Direct Art.

Direct Art is published annually by SlowArt Productions and is released in the fall of each year. It is distributed by COMAG Marketing Group, the same distributors of Art News and Art in America, to fine book and magazine stores across America, including Barnes and Noble and Borders Books and Music. Additional copies are distributed to New York City galleries, museums and specialty book stores.

Direct Art 18 Competition
Entry Deadline March 31, 2011

This competition is for Direct Art Magazine, Volume 18, Fall 2011 edition. The competition is for twenty publication awards. Artist winners of the competition will, at no cost to the artist, have their work appear Volume 18 of Direct Art Magazine. See details of the awards listed below. Read details of Direct Art here: www.slowart.com/about.htm

Grand Prize: Front Cover and six page feature display.
Second Prize: Back Cover and four page feature display.
Awards 3-4: Four page feature.
Awards 5-6: Double page feature display.
Awards 7-20: Single full page display.

Editors Awards: Additional pages, inside covers, mast head and outside covers may be assigned based on editorial selection.

PUBLICATION TERMS: Winning artists will be published in the fall 2011 edition of Direct Art Magazine. The magazine will be distributed by COMAG Marketing Group, the distributors of Art News and Art in America to book and magazine stores across the USA. The issue will be on display and available in stores, including Barnes and Noble and Borders Book stores, from October 2011 - January 2012. Featured artists will also be displayed on the Direct Art web site for one year. All works published will be reproduced with permission of the artist. Artist retains all copyrights to the artwork and the image will not be reproduced or used in any other format. Direct Art will claim no percentage on any artwork sold or business generated through the magazine.

NOTIFICATION: Artists will be notified of acceptance or non-acceptance no later than April 30, 2011. Results will be posted on or before this date at: http://www.slowart.com/results. Notification will be made via email and/or by mail with the return of materials in the SASE provided by the artist. Artists who do not include the SASE because they do not want their submission materials returned must provide a self addressed stamped #10 (letter size) envelope if they wish to be notified by mail. All artists who provide a working email address will be notified via email, if no email or return envelope is provided, artists will only be notified if accepted for publication. Type or print your email address clearly, if a mistake is made reading it you will not be notified. Read the notification page for details of the notification policy.

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