Thursday, September 6, 2012

Free Inspired Magazine

Artist Network is offering a free preview of its inaugural issue of Inspired.

What originated as an idea to reward you-our loyal newsletter subscribers-with a compilation of some favorite creative exercises and inspirational stories in simple pdf format morphed over the following months into a dynamic, interactive, online magazine dedicated to helping you:
• nurture your creativity
• discover new forms of artistic expression
• develop strategies to make more art, more often.
In this premiere issue, you'll find tips from 12 top artists on painting skies, four simple sketchbook strategies guaranteed to get you over any fear of the blank page, plus a tour of five thriving art towns.
Click the links. Explore special bonus material. Play the embedded videos. Then share your favorite stories and products on Facebook and Twitter.
We make it fun and easy. 
Enjoy your free issue of Inspired now! 
Happy reading.
Kelly Kane and Anne Hevener

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