Saturday, September 15, 2012

Low Moments - Call for Art

Opportunities for Artists

Submit your most embarrassing artwork and art-moments to our upcoming exhibition, Low Moments!

Presented by PPW and Outer Space @ Pleasant Plains Workshop
Deadline for Submissions:  October 10, 2012
Notification: October 15, 2012
Delivery of Work:  October 18 -20
Exhibition dates:  October  25– November  18, 2012
Opening Reception: Thursday, October 25, 2012 6:00-8:00pm

Everyone has an embarrassing art tale (or two)… Like an incredibly hideous piece that you once thought  was your Magnus Opus. Or that time you applied to some residency only to reread your application later and see how it was full of typos and grammatical errors.  

Did you ever embarrass yourself while talking to an art dealer or collector? Or damage an artwork at a gallery opening?

We’re looking to showcase a series of disasters in an effort to provide ‘group therapy’ for all artists in the Metropolitan Area. What better way to move on from painful moments than to share them with others and have a laugh? This exhibition is meant to be light-hearted and fun.

We invite you to submit any of the following for possible inclusion in our show:

  • A bad piece of art. Something you hope doesn’t come back to haunt you if you ever become ‘famous’ yet still haven’t thrown away for some reason..
  • School work – enough said. We all know the work we made in art school (especially in the first years) is unrefined, molded by our teachers, and can be super hilarious in retrospect!
  • Rejection  Notices- Don’t you love those carefully crafted love letters? Submit any especially funny, overly soothing, or downright mean ones
  • Embarrassing artist statements (you know you have them! Just look at the bio on your web site!..You know, the one that says you’ve been an artist ever since you were a child scibbling with crayons?)
  • Fails- in general  a piece that could have been awesome but failed technologically, structurally, conceptually…
  • Break-up art
  • Bad Self Portraits
  • Stories! any stories you want to tell can be submitted via email and included in a binder as part of the exhibition. There will also be an opportunity to tell your story at one of our group therapy events throughout the course of the exhibition (dates/locations TBA)

Submit jpegs or documents (for stories, rejection letters and artist statements) and a brief explanation of the work(s)   via email to: by midnight on Monday, October 10, 2012

Contact us at the same address with any questions!

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