Monday, April 23, 2012

Artomatic Site Selection

So this past Saturday I had to wake up bright and early to get to Artomatic. I was one of the lucky few who got through early for registration, and was able to get a low number for choosing my site for the show (#42 to be precise). The week before I had volunteered to prep the building, so I had a good idea of the building before I went in. When I was there for my volunteer shift, I fell in love with the openness of the 10th floor, and the great view of Reagan National Airport and the Potomac. I figured since I was one of the first ones, I would have a greater chance of getting the spots I want. 

I had looked over the site map and determined pretty much where I wanted to be. If you look at the map below you will see there is going to be a bar area in the upper left hand corner of the map. The foot traffic in that area will be pretty high, which will give me a greater opportunity for more people to see my work. Plus it should be far enough away from the stage area to carry on a conversation with someone. 

I was one of the first people to step off the elevator and made a quick bee line to where I wanted to be. But there was already a tag there, so I turned to my next spot, and again another tag. Ugh! How did that happen if I was the first person in that spot?! So I looked at a couple other spots and they had big X's taped them. WTH?! I found out later that volunteers who were working that shift actually got first dibs, and the big X's are for graffiti artists to spray paint on. If I had known that I would have volunteered for that shift. Now I know, for future Artomatic's!

I wanted some spot over in that general area, and finally settled on the wall space below. 

I liked the spot as it is in the area I wanted, I still have my view from the windows, close proximity to the bar, and easy access to the elevators. I don't have any wall space neighbors, but I do have neighbors on the perpendicular walls as well as inside the room my wall has the doorway to.

I already have some great ideas for showcasing my art, including how to hang my banner and setting up a table for the guest book and various promo materials and business cards.

I'm just now, figuring out who the artists are around me:
Alexis Cohen will be on the right hand wall of the room my wall fronts. You can view her art HERE
There is another artist in that room as well, but he had no contact information on his card.
On the wall to the right of my wall, heading to the elevators is Carlos Rodriguez whom I can't seem to find any artwork online for. It's like trying to find John Smith but with a Latino name.
The person who claimed the spot I originally thought I was going to get, next to Carlos' is Charlotte Guthery. I can't seem to pinpoint this artists information either. I found several reviews on her acting career, but not much on her artwork. Oh wait, I just found a blog post showing a couple of pieces from a 2008 Artomatic, and located her Artomatic profile. It appears now she is a photographer.
There will be an instillation artist to the left of my wall space. Veronica Szalus artwork can be found in several places, including WPA and Studio Gallery.

So the show should be pretty diverse and lots of fun! I'm looking forward to setting up my wall and for the show itself!!

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