Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Guardian UK - Share Your Art

Share your art with us
We're starting a new series inviting you, our readers, to share your art with us on a given subject.

This is a new series dedicated to your art. It was inspired by the extraordinary response we got when we invited you to share your pictures created using mobile apps. It seems that not only do many of you use mobile phones and tablets as sketch books, but you also enjoy sharing it with us and your fellow readers. We created this gallery displaying just a handful of the works sent to us.

We decided we should have a permanent place where you can share your art, so here it is.

To give the series some direction, each month we will propose a topic or theme which you can interpret however you wish.

As this is a new venture born from your enthusiasm, we would like you to tell us how you'd like this series to run, and help shape it into something you would like to be involved in. If you have any ideas on the topics, styles or subjects you'd like to see covered, please tell us in the thread below, or email me: Once we have received a selection of images, we'll publish them on the site.

How to send us your art
Send an email to with "Share your art" in the subject line. Please include your full name so we can credit you properly, and the title (if it has one) of your work. Attach a high resolution jpeg or tiff photo file (maximum file size 20mb) of your art to the email. A selection of your pictures will displayed in our online gallery.

We'll feature some of our favourite pictures from the group on By sending us your pictures you a) acknowledge that you have created the pictures or have permission to do so; and b) grant us a non-exclusive, worldwide, free licence to publish your pictures as described. Copyright resides with you and you may reuse your pictures however you wish. Full terms and conditions.

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