Monday, April 23, 2012

Featured on Brooklyn Brewery Blog for Slideluck Potshow

Good day! I am Vladimir Dzintra, Latvia’s most important photo blogger and DJ of major radio show, MaximumFunky on the Baltic Sea during summer time. Please call me Vlad.

I am celebrating National Holidays in Latvia, and came to visit America’s Captiol, Washington, DC. I had the good occasion to attend a most unique event on Saturday night, that I read about in Washington Post.  It was name Slideluck Potshow, and I don’t remember seeing such a thing in Riga ever before.  Under same roof, we eat barley and enjoy funny picture show.

We had stormy, windy night when I visited American haunted house on Pennsylvania Avenue, near where the Premier sits.  Inside was many beautiful American girls, many delicious foods made from hand and refreshing beverage from this Brooklyn Brewery.  I heard about such brewery before because my Polish cousin, Krzysztof, is living near there.  He says neighborhood is becoming full of Giggletossers.

In slideshow there was 26 artists from District of Columbia area.  We had so funny pictures from American presidential campaign by TJ Kirkpatrick, familiar pictures of men with strong beard by Christopher McCool,  lovely pictures from Holy Land by Daria Lombroso, interesting pictures from small village in Iowa by Brendan Hoffman, crazy pictures like a dream I had when I visited special mushroom hunters by Russ McIntosh, and fun pictures of men dressing like a woman by Eli Meir Kaplan.

After show, I went to nearby drinking house, the 18th Amendment, and enjoyed more time with my new friends.  After a couple few glasses of potato vodka, I had a contest to see who had strongest legs with one Asian man and one man with beard.  You don’t have to take time to ask me who had strongest leg!

I met nice people, enjoyed very much my time at Hill Center, and hope to see another entertainment such as this – perhaps when I again visit during Fotoweek DC in November.  Next time, I bring my most satisfying grey peas and ham!

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