Monday, May 7, 2012

MidnightDream Information

8" w X 12" h X 1.25" d
Museum Quality Canvas Wrap

I once had this dream, where I awoke from a deep sleep. Something seemed amiss, so I looked around and felt compelled to go out back and take another glance. There standing on my back porch I saw the most amazing sight. I ran out into the field and there above me were the celestial planets larger than they should be. I was taken aback at the spectacle I was witnessing! This was amazing, even the moon was closer than it should normally be. Suddenly my alarm clock woke up and I awoke to normalcy, but I couldn't get that vision out of my head. I immediately reached for my sketchbook and jotted down everything I could recall. From there I spent many days and weeks trying to bring the dream to life in my artwork. And now, I present to you my MidnightDream.

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