Monday, May 7, 2012

Twist of Cain Information

Twist of Cain
16" w X 12" h X 1" d
Giclée on Fine Art Paper Ensconced in a Black Frame

I was asked to do an open commissioned piece based on the Danzig song "Twist of Cain." The song is very heavy and dark, and I wanted to capture the feel of that in the composition. The lyrics are based on the classic story of Cain and Able. The heavenly light that shines down on the shadowed figure can be eluded to that of the Christian god taking note of the situation. Hidden throughout the composition are various angels and skulls. How many can you find?

Twist of Cain
By Glenn Danzig

I can feel it move me
Feel it shove me
As I break the law
Said yea, I can feel it's jabbing
Cuts the numbness then I, I come alive

Twist of Cain
Yea drives my brain
Yea twist of Cain
Make me come alive
'Cause it does

Said yea
I took it standing
Broke commandments
And he tumbled like a toy
Blood, Like a crimson highway
Spreading out
From his forehead to the ground

God above
Feel a twist of Cain
Inside a beating heart, well
Wanna know
Got a little twist of Cain
From the God below, yea

I know my breeding
Know my father
He was born of light
Said yea
Can't hardly stand it
Cuts me down the middle
Then I, I come alive yea

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